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Productos Congelados Bajo Cero is a family business located in San Carlos, Alajuela, Costa Rica. Our company employs more than 150 people from rural areas trained to work efficiently and effectively in our production systems. Our processes ensure food safety with strict control standards that are implemented by our qualified and experienced staff, where all are certified GFS, SMETA ETI, BASC and Kosher.

Backed with certifications we guarantee our customers a superior experience that ensures food safety with the best quality and the latest technology available.

Today with more than 15 years of experience Productos Congelados Bajo Cero has managed to position itself in the most demanding markets in the world both in the food service and retail channels offering customers a wide portfolio of products and presentations in order to meet the needs of the market. Among the countries that the company has managed to place its products are Puerto Rico, United States, Canada, Spain, England, Holland, among others.

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Family roots

As a family business it is very important to remain united to point at the same direction, for this reason we have family values ​​inherited from our founder Don Cuyo to never lose our way and the meaning of our business. Our inherited values ​​are the following:

• Do business that lets you sleep peacefully.
• Do not fail the farmers, they are the ones who give us the food.
• Respect employees, they should not suffer injustices.
• Help the community and those in need.
• Keep traditions and values ​​in the company.
• If you send quality you get paid quality, if you send waste you are paid waste.
• Do not put all eggs in the same basket.

¨Listen to the man who works with his hands¨



Placing our products in the most demanding world markets in the Caribbean, North America and Europe has not been an easy path, we have trained our staff not only in the processing and marketing of frozen roots and tubers but also we have created a culture of exporting the best product of the market backed with a complete quality control system  and certifications:

  • GFSI
  • BASC
  • Kosher
  • Smeta Eti


Day after day we make a great effort to make our products stand out in international markets not only in quality but also in presentation, service, innovation and image. We work passionately to be a leading company and to reach the most world most demanding markets making things better every day. Thats how we bring our product line from our farms to your table with high added value and the latest technology in the market.

We can say with a smile that we are leaders in the treatment of cold. This is a love story, a love that is served at the table and shared Productos Congelados Bajo Cero.

100% Costa Rican




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